Festive Ways To Prepare For Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas is literally right around the corner, but surprisingly, a lot of people may not be fully ready or feeling the Christmas spirit. I know that my festivities started weeks ago, but it's never too late to start preparing for the special day and going out of your way to feel a bit festive. I've compiled this list of some of my favourite ways of embracing the Christmas spirit, which will hopefully be helpful for you.

Decorating the house - I'll be incredibly surprised if your Christmas tree still isn't up by now, but if you haven't got one then why wait? It's never too late to decorate your house or add some final touches if your decorating is done, as this will set the mood for the upcoming days and make you feel a lot more festive.

Wrapping presents - Some people prefer to do this as soon as the gifts have been purchased and others like to wait until the last minute, but if you haven't done this yet then I'd take care of it now. Rather than allowing this to become a boring and laborious task, lighten the mood by watching a film or listening to some music, as this will make the hard task seem much more bearable.

Watch some Christmas films - I'm a huge lover of Christmas films and they instantly put me in a better mood, so now is the perfect opportunity to watch some. My favourite has to be Home Alone, but there are definitely plenty to choose from that will keep you entertained and feeling festive.

Listen to Christmas music - There's nothing better than listening to Christmas music when you're not feeling festive, so why not put on some songs and brighten the mood? Whether you make a playlist, turn on one of the Christmas music channels or listen to the radio, I can guarantee that even a small amount of Christmas music will bring you festive cheer.

Open your advent calendars - It's around this time of the year when advent calendars tend to be neglected and forgotten about, as the novelty soon wears off. However, don't let yours be discarded and make the effort to stick to the tradition, as such a simple thing like opening a cardboard door can really prepare you for the festive season.

Do some festive activities - There are plenty of things for you to do at this time of year, which will help you to embrace the Christmas spirit. Why not go ice skating or play in the snow if you're lucky enough to have any? Shopping can also be fun at this time of year and is the perfect opportunity to finish buying presents. If you'd like to remember the real story of Christmas, I'd take the time to visit Church as well.

Get cosy and read a good book - This might not appeal to everyone, but I love feeling cosy and reading a good book in the winter. There's something about being lovely and warm inside whilst the weather is horrible that makes me feel festive.

Visit friends and family - All it may take for you to prepare you for Christmas is to visit some of your friends and family, especially those who you may not see often. Now is the perfect time to catch up and enjoy one another's company during this festive season.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that I've helped you feel more festive. Since my next post will be uploaded on Sunday, I hope that all of my readers have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you soon!

Love from Daisy x

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