Spain Haul

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I had an amazing holiday in Spain, but now I'm back in freezing cold England and ready to start blogging again! Since I purchased a few things while I was away, I thought I'd take the time to show you them! Although not all of them are available in the UK where I live, I've tried my best to include links to where you can find them. Enjoy!

The first item I bought is from Zara. Although we have plenty of Zara's in the UK, it's only in Spain that I have a proper look around and spot items that I really like. I bought this beautiful high waisted skirt in the TRF sale and it came to €10, reduced from 22.95. It is pale pink with a hint of orange, blue and darker pinks and has an abstract pattern that contains roses. The top half of the skirt is fitted, but it flairs out a bit at the bottom, a bit like a peplum top. It also has two zips going down the front which are a nice addition. I'm finding it really hard to describe this item but it's absolutely lovely and I couldn't resist it in the shop, especially for the price.

The next item I bought is from Bershka, another Spanish shop that I love. It's a orange/coral coloured crop top that has triangle patterns on. It's made up a stretchy cropped vest the same colour as the rest, which lies underneath a floaty, lacy top. It goes down at the front to cover your bellybutton and rises at the sides. It's such a beautiful summery top that anyone could wear. If you feel insecure about wearing crop tops then I'd recommend this to you, as it actually covers the centre of your belly. This top comes in orange (I think it's more of a coral), dark blue, light blue, white, green, pink and yellow and was €9.99. 

My next purchase was a pair of black lacy shorts. Last year, I bought the exact same shorts in white and worn them loads in summer, so I really wanted a black pair that I could wear for winter. They have an elasticated waist, as well as a belt-like piece of material that you can use. The lace consists of flowers, hearts and other pretty shapes and just looks beautiful when on. They have a thin, cotton layer inside as well. These shorts were either €10 or €14, I can't quite remember. They come in many different colours but I won't list them because it would take forever! I really like these shorts but sadly there isn't a link to them online.

As it was boiling hot in Spain, I often needed a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes and off of my face. Since I didn't have one that fitted, I bought a new one from C&A. It's a white straw trilby with a black trim around it. It's good quality and can be compressed easily, which are added bonuses. Trilbies have been in fashion this summer and mine has done me well. It was in the sale at €4.95, reduced from €8. Also, I don't have a photo of it as it's still packed somewhere and I'm not quite sure where as of now!

The last thing I bought while in Spain was a pair of white sandals. Apart from my Madison's (link to that blog post is here), I didn't have a pair of sandals that would fit me this year. Also, my Madison's have to be worn with socks which makes them look more dressy, and I needed something that I could wear on an everyday basis. I went into Marypaz and found these lovely sandals. They have two straps going around my ankle and two around my toes, so my feet are pretty secure. They're also real leather, which is great considering I only paid €10.39 for them, when they should have been €26.

So that's all I bought while I was in Spain. Sorry about the bad photos, I'm out of practice after not blogging for so long! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll try to bring you another blog post tomorrow!

Love from Daisy, x

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