Maybelline Colour Tattoo vs Benefit Longwear Shadow

Monday, August 18, 2014

Maybelline Colour Tattoo's caused a storm in the drugstore and have been well sought after since they first arrived, the most popular shade being On and On Bronze. Benefit's Longwear Powder Shadows were highly anticipated before release and are now insanely popular, epsecially the shade Thanks a Latte. Both are excellent products, but when put against each other, which will win?



The colour tattoo's packaging is very classy and simplistic, focusing on black and white. It also makes the product stand out and look more appealing. In fact, the packaging for these are really similar to MAC's paint pots, which is a nice surprise. The longwear powder shadows have very cute packaging, with the bright colours and pretty designs. However, I don't like how the product is stored inside, as it doesn't look as classy as I expect from a high end product. Therefore, I have to give packaging to Maybelline.


On and on bronze is a warm bronze/ brown with orange and gold undertones. This makes it look really pretty for autumn time in general, but particularly nice on people with green eyes (check what eye shadows suit your eye colour best here). Thanks a latte is also a really similar colour, hence why I chose to compare them. It's a medium golden brown with orange undertones. It looks darker in the pan that it does on the lid however. Considering the fact that they're so similar, I can't pick a favourite product based on the colour.


When I apply Maybelline's Colour Tattoo, it looks a lot darker than I originally expected. If you want a bold eye look then you can leave it how it is, or if you prefer something a bit subtler, it blends really nicely into a lighter shade. It's really soft and is a lovely cream eyeshadow that feels really light on your eyes. Benefit's Thanks a Latte appears lighter in the pan, but you can easily build it up for a more dramatic look. Despite being a powder shadow, it's really soft and buttery when you apply it, making it really pleasant to wear. Although it was close, I prefer the application of Benefit's eyeshadow.

Lasting Power:

Without using a primer, both of the eyeshadows last for quite a while on my lids, giving me a full 9 hours of eye makeup. However, the problem with the Colour Tattoo is that whenever I do exercise, it always creases and there's barely anything left on my lid, which is probably do to it being quite a thin cream shadow, opposed to some others which I find to be harder. The Longwear Shadow lasts well both when doing exercise and not, meaning I prefer Benefit's eyeshadow for lasting power.


The Maybelline Colour Tattoo's are a bargain, selling for £4.99, not including the discounts which are often on in the drugstore. Benefit's Longwear Shadows are more expensive at £15.50, but if you buy it in a set it's often cheaper.

My Overall Verdict:

As much as I love both of these eyeshadows, I have to say that my favourite is Thanks a Latte by Benefit. Apart from the packaging which I'm not too impressed with, it's a great product all around. I feel that the colour isn't too heavy and drastic on my eyelids, whereas On and On Bronze is. This eyeshadow can also be used for contouring, something that would be really hard/ impossible to do with the cream eyeshadow. It lasts a lot longer when doing exercise and is worth the expensive price.

Thanks for reading this post. It was really fun to write and I hope that you guys enjoyed it. If you'd like me to compare more high-end products then let me know which down in the comments, and I'll make sure I will. Also, I've put a new link in the sidebar, which is to subscribe to my blog via email, so please go and check that out.

Love from Daisy x

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