Top 5 Budget Makeup Items

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Since some of you guys might be reluctant when it comes to spending money, or you're just looking for some great drugstore bargains, I thought I'd compile a list of my favourite makeup items that are all relatively cheap.

1. Collection mascara.
Mascaras can be quite expensive now, some are over £10! However, this mascara by collection is great considering it is only £2.50! It doesn't make your lashes look clumpy or spidery and the consistency and brush are good. One coat produces quite a natural look yet you can build this up for bigger, better lashes.

2. Primark eyeshadow palette.
These probably aren't as well known or appreciated in the beauty world, as they aren't from the drugstore, but they are still really good. There are 10 colours in each palette, all of which are well-pigmented and apply nicely. They last well and all of the colours are really nice. Why not buy these at only £2.50?

3. Sleek blushers.
I don't have one of these yet, but I have heard so many great things about them from friends, so I'll be getting one shortly. The single blushers are only £4.99 which is great considering how good quality they are. I've been told that they come in so many really nice colours and they apply really well, being able to build them up if you wish.

4. Collection lasting perfection concealer.
Ever since I bought this concealer I've absolutely loved it. It applies really nicely and has good coverage, which is good for someone like me with a lot of spots. It also works on under-eye circles. It's easy to apply and blend, whether you use a brush or just your fingers. If you're looking for a concealer I would definitely recommend this one, as it is only £4.19!

5. MUA lipstick.
At only £1, MUA have a great variation of matte lipsticks. They come in so many different colours, all of which are beautiful and pigmented. They also apply really nicely. If you are wanting to try a lipstick out but can't manage to spend a lot of money, these are great to experiment with.

So they are my 5 favourite budget makeup items for those of you not willing to spend a lot of money. I hope you liked this post, if you tried any of these products then do let me know!

Love from Daisy x


  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog and now i'm reading some of your posts! I'm really enjoying them. Collection mascara has to be one of my favourite budget buys too. I hate spending a lot of money on mascara because of how quickly it needs to be used up! I've never tried MUA lipsticks before though, i must give them a try. :) x

    1. Hello! You're welcome! I think the Collection mascaras are so good, I always use them up so quick! And the MUA lipsticks are really good for only £1, the only thing I'd say is if you're not a fan of a bold lip they might not be for you are they're all very bright and pigmented! :)