The Mask-Proof Liquid Lipsticks You Need To Try From Flower Beauty

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Let's face it, masks have been an absolute pain for makeup wearers. Don't get me wrong, I think wearing a mask is incredibly important and I use mine all the time (probably more than I need to in all honestly), but they've completely changed how I apply my makeup. The biggest sacrifice in this has been my lip products - I have makeup bags full of gorgeous glosses that aren't getting the attention they deserve. And the real kicker is that, if I ever decide to wear one underneath my mask, the remnants are almost always printed on the fabric rather than on my lips. That was until I used the Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Liquid Lipsticks, however, and now I've finally found the lipstick and mask combo that I can trust. Intrigued? Well, make sure you keep reading to find out more!

I've had these Flower Beauty products in my collection for around a year now and I've adored them since the first try. Almost instantly, I realised that they're not drying like a majority of liquid lipsticks that I've tried, meaning my lips can have an effortless swipe of colour without looking dry and shrivelled (which is especially important as we approach winter).

Normally matte formulas are something that I steer clear from, so you can tell that these are good if I'm raving about them. But the thing is about these liquid lipsticks, opposed to other matte products that I've tried, is that they're comfortable; I don't think I've ever tried another matte lip product that has felt bearable on my lips, let alone luxurious like these do.

They're also not too liquidy (ironic really, since I'm talking about liquid lipsticks), which sounds like a bad thing but is actually perfect. There's no smudging, transferring or getting on your teeth - they lock in place quickly and stay that way for hours. Trust me, there'll be no more lipstick marks on the inside of your mask if you're wearing one of these.

Speaking of wear-time, these liquid lipsticks are impressive. When I test out a lip product I don't shy away from eating and drinking, as I want to give them a thorough test that covers all bases. The Miracle Matte Liquid Lipsticks tick all the boxes: they don't flake away or fade, and I can't say I've noticed the annoying lipstick marks on a glass when wearing them. They're also perfect for us low-maintenance girls who can't be bothered to reapply their lip products every hour.

I own these Flower Beauty products in 4 different shades - the perfect collection that will leave you satisfied for any look:

Bare Honey - a true nude done right, no foundation lips over here! It's a medium-toned shade that isn't too pink or brown like other 'nude' products I've tried and is the perfect everyday shade that I find myself constantly reaching for 

Nude Blush - a wearable, pink-toned nude that is ideal for achieving a rosy lip look. If you're someone who fears pink lipsticks and doesn't want something neon or bright, this is the perfect choice that is natural whilst also adding a subtle pop of colour

Scarlet Letter - every girl needs a trusty pillarbox red lipstick in her collection, and this is my one of choice. It's loud and in charge, so whether you're making a statement or celebrating this festive season you'll be drawing attention

Rosewood - this gorgeous shade is entirely dependent on your skin tone - on darker complexions this would act as a mauve-tinted nude, but on paler skin like my own this shade is a vampy purple tone that I'll be digging out this autumn

Overall, these long-lasting, luxurious lipsticks are an absolute essential in my makeup collection and are also completely mask-proof. I'd highly recommend checking them out as you (and your lips) won't be disappointed.

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