Makeup Tricks and Techniques That I'm Late To The Game With

Monday, August 10, 2020

I've been a beauty blogger since 2014 and have therefore seen many new trends and products come and go. While there have been some that I've jumped on the bandwagon with and loved, there's equally been quite a few that I've never got on board with. Whether this was due to being quite young and not wearing a lot of makeup or down to the fact that I tend to purchase mostly drugstore items, I recently realised that there were quite a few iconic beauty trends, products and techniques that I had missed out on. Today, I thought I'd put them all to the test whilst also creating a makeup look for you all, so I hope you enjoy this post!

Using a beauty sponge to blend foundation
I have been a firm brush user since the day I started wearing makeup, for no reason other than it was what I was used to. I always used a buffing brush and there was nothing wrong with my foundation application, so why fix something that isn't broken, right? It has only been within the past few months that I've started using a beauty blender to apply my foundation and concealer, and honestly I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner! It definitely gives a more natural, sheer finish that is perfect for everyday use, plus it's incredibly quick and easy to blend in my base products. It's a 10 out of 10 from me on this one, I just wish I would've succumbed to the hype sooner!

Using a liquid illuminator
There's something about liquid illuminators that have always intimidated me a bit - I was afraid that I'd look like a disco ball if I applied it as a base under my foundation, but had also heard people struggle to use them over the top of base products. It was only when I was sent one from Flower Beauty that I gave it a go and realised how gorgeous these products are! If you apply it under your foundation, a gorgeous radiance shines through that is dewy without looking sparkly, but my favourite is to tap a little bit onto my cheekbones to create a glowing from within look. This is definitely more natural than a powder highlighter and is perfect for creating an effortless makeup look.

Blusher on the nose
This is a technique that has always baffled me, and I'm still not 100% sure on it if I'm honest! I've always struggled with makeup rubbing off my nose after a couple of hours and leaving it looking red, so why would I want to create this tragic look when I'm trying to avoid it? I decided to give this another go using the Milani Luminoso blusher, which is an iconic product that I've only recently become obsessed with (I bought a paler shade of this when I visited New York a couple of years ago, but this one is simply stunning). I definitely think that less is more with this technique for me, and whilst it can create a cute button nose appearance, I worry that it'll just make me look sunburnt. I applied the tiniest amount and thought that it looked nice, but I'm still not 100% sold on this method!

Highlighting my whole face (not just the cheekbones)
Maybe it's because I often wear more natural makeup rather than opting for full glam daily, or perhaps it's my ingrained fear of looking like I've been attacked by glitter, but I'm always quite minimal when it comes to highlighter. Most days I won't apply any, but when I actually make an effort I'll stick to my cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes. Today, I decided to apply highlighter in other areas as well, including my brow bone, nose and cupids bow, and I have to say that I really like the outcome. This definitely helps to make my nose look more snatched and gives me more confidence in this feature that I usually hate, and overall my face looks very radiant and illuminated without being too over-the-top.

Using Morphe eyeshadow palettes
This isn't exactly a tip or technique but more of a cult product that I've only just started using, but I had to include it in this post. Everyone and their mother is obsessed with Morphe palettes, but I was very late to jump on the bandwagon as I've only owned one since January. My boyfriend bought me the 35V palette for my birthday and I've been obsessed with it ever since - it's now the only eyeshadow palette that I use. Not only are all the eyeshadows incredibly pigmented but they also blend like a dream; I can see why everyone loves them! I decided to go for a more colourful look today rather than my usual neutral tones as I wanted to be a bit more experimental, and I'm really pleased with the outcome!

Wearing false eyelashes
It's only been over the past year or so that I've really become a fan of wearing false eyelashes, and now I don't think there's any looking back! Although I'm not wearing them in these photos as mine are all quite old and crusty now (I desperately need to pick up some new ones), I couldn't live without them when doing a more glam makeup look. My fear was definitely in the application side of things, but after quite a few attempts I've definitely got the hang of them now!

Lining my lips
Lipliner is a step that I typically miss out, simply because I often just apply gloss and call it a day. However, more recently I've started lining my lips and I definitely think it's something I'll continue doing, both for the definition and the longevity of my lip products applied on top. Although I'm not one to overline my lips (I just can't seem to do it without it looking stupid or obviously fake), the little bit of added definition that this provides is definitely a win in my eyes.

What makeup steps or products are you late to the game with? I'd love to know, so make sure you leave a comment down below!


  1. i used to be the biggest makeup person but now i just wear mascara (thank god i have clear skin), but i really need to try false eyelashes! i also swear by my morphe palettes! great post x
    mills :)

  2. Gorgeous eyeshadow look! I am totally with you on the liquid highlighters - I have used them in the past, and found that applying them over specific products, lifts what is underneath them, and then they end up looking all patchy? I'm glad that you have found one that works for you!
    Amber |

  3. I love your makeup look in this post Daisy, absolutely gorgeous! Great tricks, I honestly could not be without a beauty blender when applying foundation, it feels so much more natural! Glad you have joined the Morphe palette hype too, they're the best! x

    Erin / Everything Erin