Bronzing on a Budget - Affordable Fake Tans You Need To Try

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

One of the biggest myths that I hear in the beauty community is that the more you spend on fake tan, the nicer it'll look. There's this huge misconception that buying cheaper products means you'll be left looking disastrously orange rather than the sunkissed glow you were hoping for. Although this may be the case with some products, there are also some amazing and affordable fake tans out there for achieving that bronze on a budget. Don't believe me? Well I guess you'll have to keep reading to discover my secrets...

'So what's your favourite budget fake tan' you're all asking... well not only does it practically cost pennies, but it's actually a drugstore own-brand! It really sounds too good to be true, but Superdrug's 'Solait Bronzing' range is seriously underrated considering how cheap it is. They sell a variety of mousses, serums, lotions, tanning waters - you name it and they've got it! I've also got my eyes on their new Overnight Tan Mask, so if that's something you'd like to see me test then let me know. And the best part is, everything is under £5.99, and quite often they're discounted or in a 2 for 1 offer as well, meaning they really are a complete bargain.

My favourite product (and the one that you can see me using below) is the Solait Tinted Bronzing Lotion in Medium, which has yet to fail me. It applies evenly and isn't greasy at all, and unlike other fake tans it dries down quite quickly meaning you're not doing that awkward bent-limbs walk around your bedroom - you know the one. I often have a problem with fake tan clinging in awkward patches to my knees, armpits and chest, but this hasn't been an issue with this product, plus it fades naturally which I definitely wasn't expecting. The tan itself is a very similar shade to what I am when returning from a holiday, so although it may seem slightly on the orange side it's actually very true to a real tan.

As for my face, I adore the Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzing Face Mist, and I swear by this rather than using a regular fake tan on my face. All you need to do is lightly spray it over your face - it's effortless and only a small amount is required to leave you with a gorgeous glow (beware, I once applied three layers of this as it's easy to get carried away when you don't see an immediate result, but the end product was disastrous). This is perfect for applying the night before so that you wake up with a gorgeous glow, and it's also easy to keep topping up as your tan gradually fades. Although this is a bit more expensive at £8.49, it is again quite often reduced as Superdrug have offers on, plus I've found that one tube tends to last for a really long time.

And now it's the product you've all been waiting for - £1 tanning wipes, surely that can't be right? I didn't believe it either until testing out Jess Wright's collaboration with Poundland, but this product is no joke. This is perfect for all you lazy gals who want your skin to have a subtle tan without having to go through all the hassle of fake tanning, and they're also perfect for topping up your tan when it starts to fade throughout the week. These are super simple to use: all you have to do is wipe them over your face and body and wait 3-6 hours for them to develop, that's it! Although the tan is on the subtler side, they still give a gorgeous glow that you honestly can't resist for £1.

So they're my budget fake tan favourites! I honestly couldn't recommend these products enough, although I'm always on the lookout for new ones, so if you have any suggestions then make sure you let me know down in the comments!

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