How I Saved My Damaged Hair with TIGI's Bed Head Rehab For Hair

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I've always wanted to get my hair in a better condition, considering it's quite often dead at the ends and limp-looking due to being really long, sun-damaged and broken from the frequent up-dos that I put it in. However, hair care for me is something that I can never really be bothered with and don't make a ton of time for it in my schedule. But what if I told you that you could make your hair look much healthier and strong just by changing up your shampoo, and not needing to do anything extra? If you're intrigued, make sure you keep reading to hear all about TIGI's newest range that has really revolutionised my hair!

It was my mum who actually recommended the Bed Head 'Rehab for Hair' products to me, and I have to say that they have really made a difference even after such a short time. These shampoos are packed with moisture and help recover brittle, damaged hair, which is exactly what I needed. I've used so many cheap shampoos over the years, and although they appear to do the job of getting your hair clean, you really can tell the difference when you change to a product like this. After washing my hair, it's incredibly smooth and silky, and even after just one wash has a much shinier and strong appearance. They also have anti-static properties that prevent your hair from having a tangled finish, which really makes a difference in my opinion and gives your hair that sleek look.

This collection comes in 3 different 'levels' or stages of damage, meaning you can easily choose the one that will help you the most. These are:

1: Normal hair that needs a daily pick me up - great for those of you with hair in good condition but want to add a bit of life or vibrancy to it

2: Dry, damaged tresses that need a moisture hit - if you suffer from dry hair or brittle ends and need a good injection of moisture, then this one is definitely for you

3: Weak, brittle hair that needs an intervention - if you've reached that stage of incredibly damaged, almost destroyed hair, then this is an essential

I've been using the 'number 3' shampoo lately and have found that it's really started to make a difference to my hair, and I plan on moving to the 'number 2' one once my hair gets in a much better condition. I really like how TIGI have created this ranking system as it allows you to assess what kind of treatment your hair needs, opposed to the usual 'suitable for dry or damaged hair / suitable for colour-treated hair' shampoo descriptions that you normally see.

I've only been using these for a few weeks now, but I've really started to notice the difference in my hair, especially since they aim to continuously repair it. If I'm honest, my hair will probably take a while to get into a good condition considering how long it is and the damage I do by frequently wearing it in tight up-dos, but it's definitely starting to improve.

Other tips that have really made a difference with my hair:

- Applying argan oil spray - I do this before I dry my hair, and it really helps to restore it and add strength and shine to my hair, as well as taming any frizziness on my dry ends

- Drinking a lot of water - believe it or not, this actually has huge benefits for your hair and making it stronger, so it's definitely worth trying out

- Minimising brushing and touching my hair - I have a tendency to play with my hair of an evening or brushing it constantly when it isn't needed. This weakens the hair and causes it to break, as well as the oils on your fingertips making your hair greasy, so this is something that I've tried to avoid as often

- Stop letting my hair air-dry - I know that excessive heat isn't good for your hair, but I always find that my hair looks very coarse and dry on days that I let it air-dry opposed to using a hairdryer

And that's how I've started getting my hair in much better shape! It's still by no means perfect and there's a lot of weak and damaged areas remaining, but it really is starting to make a difference and I can't believe the changes that this shampoo has started to make! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and make sure you let me know down in the comments what you do to take care of your hair. Thank you very much for reading and I'll see you on Tuesday with a new post!

Love from Daisy x

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