Christmas Crafts - DIY Festive Rosegold Bauble Wreath

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas is officially a week away, but I didn't want it to pass without sharing this adorable DIY that I did. If you're looking to add some festive touches to your home or fancy an afternoon of making some decorations, then this idea is perfect for you. My mum and I made this gorgeous bauble wreath a few weeks ago after seeing it on Pinterest, and I honestly love the finished result so much, as it definitely looks unique and classy. If you'd like to know how to make it then make sure you keep reading!

To start you'll need a pool noodle, which will form the basis of your wreath. These are usually sold in the pound shops for an affordable price, but if not then you can easily pick one up off Amazon. It doesn't matter what colour you get, as it will be fully covered later. Using a hot glue gun, you want to glue the ends together and hold it in place for a couple of minutes until it feels fully set and sturdy.

Once it was glued, we decided to stick some duct tape around the join to ensure that it was secure and not at risk of breaking apart. We then continued to wrap the tape the entire way around the pool noodle to disguise the green colour, as well as ensuring that it was sturdy. Make sure that you're happy with the shape before you do this and that it's as circular as you can make it, as it's a lot harder to manipulate the shape once you've taped it.

For decorating your wreath, select a variety of baubles in whatever colours you like. We decided to go for a rosegold theme, with a few pinks and champagnes thrown in, and to accent this we used some metallic grey and silver baubles. This combination looks gorgeous and they really compliment eachother nicely, but you can choose whatever colours you like and match the rest of your decorations.

After carefully pinching the top off each bauble, you want to use the hot glue gun again to stick them on one at a time, starting on the inside and working your way around, making sure you don't stick any on the back surface. Put a generous amount of hot glue on each bauble and press it into the pool noodle until it feels secure. Make sure that you alternate the baubles so that you don't end up with lots of one colour all in the same place, and I also found that adding some smaller baubles are great for filling gaps as well as acting as details and accents to the wreath.

For the finishing touches, we added some rose gold lights, which look gorgeous and really make the wreath stand out in the dark. Also, we tied some grey, festive printed ribbon to the top so that the wreath could be hung up, and then we placed it on the front door for all to see.

I genuinely think that this wreath looks stunning, and it definitely catches your eye as soon as you see our house. We also decorated the Christmas tree outside our front door with matching baubles and I honestly love the look that this creates. It was also very easy to make, so I'd highly encourage you to give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and remember that I upload every Sunday, so I'll be back next week with another new one!

Love from Daisy x

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