My Autumn College Evening Routine and Essentials

Sunday, October 01, 2017

We're officially in autumn, meaning the darker evenings are well and truly upon us, making it perfect for cosy nights in. I really wanted to bring some of the autumnal vibes onto my blog and thought that you might be interested in seeing what my typical evening routine is during autumn, as this type of post has been highly requested in the past. Whether you're nosy and simply want to know what I get up to after college, or want to see how I make the most of the cosy autumnal evenings, then make sure you keep reading!

The first thing that I do of an evening is finish off any homework or revision that I may have. I try to get a lot of my work done in any free periods or as soon as I come home from college so that I'm not working into the depths of the night, but depending on my workload this isn't always possible and I'll quite often spend a lot of my evening doing any work that's left to complete. If I have an exam coming up, you can guarantee that I'll also be using this time to revise like crazy and review all of my notes.

To make my college work more enjoyable, I'll usually listen to a podcast or some music to keep me entertained. If you'd like to know which podcasts I've been listening to, then make sure you read this blog post containing my favourites and recommendations. If I'm feeling a bit peckish then I'll usually have a light snack, such as one of the Nakd Apple Pie Fruit and Oat Bars, which I've been obsessed with lately and are a much healthier alternative to a cereal bar.

Once I've finished all of my homework, I usually take the time to play keyboard, which is one of my favourite hobbies and I do it pretty much every evening. I'm obsessed with singing and learning how to play my favourite songs, so I quite often spend my time sitting in front of the keyboard either practising songs I already know, learning new ones or writing some melodies myself. It's also incredibly therapeutic and I find that any stress or pent-up frustrations from the day are eased by doing this.

I also quite often dance in the evenings and do some stretches if I'm feeling particularly motivated, as this is often the time of day when I'm feeling the most energised and thus likely to exercise, although it'd be a lie if I told you I did this every day.

It's then time to get a shower and wash my hair so that I feel clean and refreshed when getting into bed later on. If you want to make this particularly cosy and atmospheric then why not light your favourite autumnal candles to really set the mood? A bath is also a much more relaxing alternative if you don't need to wash your hair, and there's nothing better than fully unwinding after a long and stressful day.

I've actually updated my haircare routine recently and have been using quite a few new products to try and protect my hair from any further damage, including the Toni & Guy products photographed above, so if you'd like to know more about this and see what other products I've been using then I'd happily do a blog post on it at some point.

I also take the time, either when I'm in the shower or immediately after getting out, to take off any remaining makeup from the day and carry out my skincare routine. After getting fully clean, the last thing I want is to still have scraps of makeup left on my face, and so I make sure to use my Origins skincare products to clean and nourish my skin. If you want to know more about which products I use from their brand, then check out this post where I spoke about all of my favourites from Origins. I also apply my essential Acnecide Spot Cream to prevent me from getting any unwanted blemishes and to clear up my skin.

After getting changed into a cosy pair of pyjamas, it's finally time for my favourite part of the evening to commence - laptop time. I essentially live on my laptop and spend way too much time on it between doing school work and free time, but it's an essential part of my evening routine that I couldn't go without. Whether I'm drafting new blog posts, catching up on the latest Youtube videos or scrolling through social media, you can guarantee that I'll never be bored and will find something to do on my social media.

If that wasn't enough technology for one evening, I usually like to simultaneously browse on my phone. Although it's a terrible habit, I can't fully relax and have to be multitasking in order to keep my mind active and prevent me from getting bored. While writing blog posts, you can guarantee that I'll be listening to music or podcasts on my phone, and I often check social media or play games while Youtube is playing videos in the background on my laptop.

It wouldn't be an evening without a sweet treat and a drink to satisfy any cravings, and I always have my dog Georgie join me for this part of the evening in search of a few treats. I'll usually have some chocolate or a couple of biscuits depending on what we have in the house, and my drink of choice is either Pepsi Max or, on the colder autumnal days, a relaxing mug of peppermint tea.

Once I'm fully ready for bed and too tired to continue scrolling on my laptop, I usually spend the final moments of my evening reading in bed. Not only do I study English literature and have a never-ending amount of novels to read, but I've loved reading before bed ever since being a young child and it really helps to soothe me to sleep. At the moment, I'm reading The Turn of the Screw by Henry James as some wider reading on Gothic literature, but I've also got Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard queued up and I can't wait to start it. 

And that's the end of my evening routine since it often doesn't take me long to fall asleep while reading. I hope you liked seeing what a typical evening has in store for me and I'd love to know what you usually do in the evenings. Also, if you'd like a similar post in the future focused on my morning routine then I'd definitely be up for writing that! Thank you very much for reading and I'll see you again next Sunday with a new blog post!

Love from Daisy x

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