A Back To College Primark Haul - Autumn Fashion Favourites and Essentials

Sunday, September 03, 2017

With the new academic year being just days away, and autumn closely around the corner, I've been doing a lot of shopping lately so that I have a variety of new outfits to wear this year. After my Spring Primark Haul was a huge success, I thought that it was about time to do another one since I'm frequently buying new clothes and accessories from Primark that you may be interested in. There are some absolutely gorgeous pieces in store right now that are definitely on trend and perfect for the autumn, so if any of the clothes included take your fancy then make sure you pick them up as soon as possible before they're all sold out. Keep reading to hear what my clothing staples are for college this autumn, as well as some necessary accessories and other purchases.

Tan Suedette Pinafore Dress

I wear a lot of dresses and pinafores in autumn, and although I have quite a few from last year, there's always room in my wardrobe for more. This faux suede pinafore is very pretty and feminine looking, with the tan shade complimenting the remainder of my summer tan nicely. It's a very autumnal and flatting colour, and the pinafore itself looks nice on, with the straps not being adjustable but can be easily altered if they're too long. I also love the gold button detailing down the side, as this is much prettier than a regular zip and it's a gorgeous touch that adds some hidden interest to an otherwise regular garment. I paired this with a plain white t-shirt, but pinafores like this also look really nice layered with blouses and jumpers to create a variety of different looks and tailor your outfit to the weather. 

Beige Suede Trainers

In the summer months, I  lived in my Converse, but it's nice to mix it up and try out some other pairs of trainers. Primark have a variety of really nice trainers, which people might look past as they're not branded, but they're definitely worth trying. I fell in love with these faux suede beige trainers as soon as I spotted them, and they look particularly nice as my legs are still tanned after going on holiday. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of these, and they're a much comfier option than other shoes for college, particularly if you do a lot of walking during the day.

Black Chelsea Boots

When it comes to autumn and winter, a pair of black boots are an absolute essential and look nice paired with pretty much every outfit. The pair I had last year were worn to death after relying on them practically every day, and so I thought it was about time to buy a new pair. These black Chelsea boots are quite basic in style, with some detailing down the side to add a bit of interest. They're a definite essential and I'm certain that I'll be getting my wear out of these this year.

Beige and Black Striped Fitted Jumper

Fitted jumpers are perfect for the autumn, as they're not too thick and fluffy that you're left roasting all day, but they still provide some warmth in the mild weather. Primark has a variety of these striped jumpers, which are fairly thin and so ideal for layering with other items, which is an essential for this time of year. This neutral option will look great with a variety of skirts and pinafores, and it's definitely a must-have to add to your wardrobe. They're also very flattering to wear with the fitted cut, and I definitely find myself reaching for jumpers like this often as they're easy to style yet look very pretty and complimentary.

The basic black jumper that is photographed above is also another one of my autumn essentials, and although it's actually from Zara, I used it to imitate a possible look that you could create. Whether you're wearing a jumper under a pinafore, over it to create a jumper and skirt effect, or paired with another garment such as a skirt or jeans, it'll be an essential that you need to have in your wardrobe.

Grey Denim Cord Skirt 

As you've probably gathered, I tend to wear a lot of skirts and dresses in the autumn, pairing them either with tights or woolly socks. Last year, I loved wearing A-line skirts and owned quite a few colours, but I realised that I didn't have a grey one, despite this being a neutral colour that could work with a variety of outfits. I spotted this cord grey skirt in Primark and instantly knew that it was a gap in my wardrobe that needed to be filled. The cut of this skirt is really flattering and the details definitely make it more interesting than a plain grey skirt, and I can definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of this in the upcoming year.

Basic White T-Shirt

A basic white t-shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe in any season, but they're particularly useful in autumn when layering clothes or to wear underneath tops and jumpers for some added warmth. Primark sells a variety of t-shirts in all different cuts and colours for just a few pounds, so it's definitely worth picking up some. Whether you choose to wear it alone and style it with some jewellery or opt for layering it with other garments, it's definitely an item worth having in your wardrobe. I've also been loving wearing a baggy, oversized t-shirt and tying it to the side and folding up the sleeves, which creates a very relaxed style yet is much more interesting than just wearing a plain white t-shirt. If you want one that is oversized then it's also worth looking in the men's section, as the more straight fit makes them ideal for looking baggy and tying at the side or tucking in.

Grey Frayed Distressed Jeans

Autumn means it's time to put away the white and pale blue jeans and opt for something a bit darker, and so a pair of washed-out grey jeans are the perfect substitute that are fashionable without being too wintry. A pair of distressed grey jeans has been something that I've been missing from my wardrobe for quite some time, as I outgrown my previous pair from a long while ago and never got around to repurchasing some, so I knew that I had to correct this. Although I tend to wear skirts and dresses most days, jeans are ideal for those days in college when you want a more comfortable and casual look, or for when it's colder and can't brave having bare legs. I love this pair as they're quite fitted on the leg, which is a style that I personally prefer, and the ripped, distressed details definitely make them more trendy and fashionable.

Burgundy Strappy Ballet Flats

Dainty ballet flats are definitely a style of shoe that I like to wear, particularly in the autumn months when the weather is still transitioning and it's not extremely cold. These burgundy ones are perfect for dressing up an otherwise basic outfit and making it look much more trendy and sophisticated, and I really think they worked with the grey jeans and plain white t-shirt, despite it not being a look that I'd normally wear. The pointed toe and strappy details are nice additions, and I'm definitely looking forward to wearing these shoes with a variety of outfits.

Fitted Burgundy Jumper Dress

Jumper dresses scream autumn to me, providing a bit of warmth in the cooler weather whilst still being a dress. I actually already own this dress in grey and loved it so much that I decided to pick it up in this burgundy shade, which is a perfect colour for autumn. Not only is this a very bold, eye-catching look on its own, but it would look gorgeous paired with some jewellery and a jacket, making a more practical and mature looking option that is still trendy. It's tight-fitted style makes it a very flattering fit, and it'd definitely look pretty worn with tights or bare legs depending on the weather. Dresses like these are incredibly versatile and can be styled in a variety of different ways, as well as being very comfortable to wear, so I'd highly recommend picking one up.

Floral Burgundy Loose Blouse 

I wear blouses all the time, especially in the colder months, and Primark has released quite a few new ones that I couldn't take my eye off while browsing in the store. This one in particular was featured in Glamour magazine for autumn 2017, with the floral print and burgundy colour making it incredibly trendy and right up my street. It's quite sheer and loose fitting, with a lot of ruffle detailing that makes it much more interesting than a regular blouse. The style is definitely flattering, and from the amount that I've seen floral prints in shops and on social media lately, I can guarantee that it'll be a huge trend. In the photo, I paired this top with my grey distressed jeans, but I also think it would look lovely with a skirt or under a pinafore, which will probably be my preferred way of styling it.

Blush Transitional Winter Coat

It's always nice to treat yourself to a new coat for the colder months, and since some of my old coats were worn to death last year in college I thought it was about time to pick up a new one. Although it's still early September and definitely not the weather for wearing a big coat, with Primark you have to pick them up in advance as they'll all be gone when the cold weather comes. 

As soon as I spotted this fabric blush winter coat, I knew that it was right up my street. I find coats like this particularly flattering, with it being similar to a previous favourite of mine that I wore non-stop last year, but the blush colour adds a unique and pretty touch. Although it's not waterproof, this coat will be ideal for transitioning into the cooler months, with its fur hood and padding, and it's definitely worth taking a look at as it comes in a variety of other colours.

Chokers and Ear Cuffs

If you've read any of my blog posts before, then you'll know that I'm pretty much choker mad and wear one with practically every outfit, if not layering a few. I love how they look and often find that they tie together an outfit perfectly, and Primark have an abundance of packs of chokers, so I couldn't help but pick another one up. My favourite is definitely the delicate silver circular one that is photographed below, which is very similar to one that Molly from Beauty Spectrum has and I fell in love with it ever since.

I've also been experimenting more with ear cuffs lately, which I'm still not quite sure if I can pull off but I'm definitely trying. These fake ear piercings are designed to go around your helix to make it look like you have additional piercings, and I've definitely loved trying out this look. These are perfect for someone like me who isn't brave enough to get any additional piercings, beside the regular earlobe piercing, and they can also be adjusted to fit any ears.

College Essentials - Pencil Case and Water Bottle 

I always get a new pencil case for the new academic year, and for the past few years I've found that Primark's makeup bags work the best for this. They're big enough to house all of my stationary (including my variety of coloured pens and highlighters) yet doesn't take up too much room in my bag. The two pockets also mean that your stationary is split evenly and so doesn't get lost inside, or you could double this up as a makeup bag with half being for pens and the other half being for your on-the-go beauty essentials. This year, I fell in love with their nude and rose gold makeup bag, since I love pretty much anything copper and rose gold, so this was an obvious purchase.

I also picked up a plastic water bottle in hope that this will motivate me to drink more water, moreso than if I use disposable bottles that I sometimes forget to bring from home. I've definitely got better with drinking more water lately, and so I want to maintain this good habit as I go back to college, and what better way to do it than with this water bottle. I also love how you can add fruit into the central core to infuse your water, which I'll definitely be trying out.

PS Master Eye Palette

Despite owning an abundance of eyeshadow palettes, I realised that I don't have many cranberry or burgundy shades, despite loving how these look on the eye and them being perfect for autumn. I fell in love with this eyeshadow palette when I saw it in store, and had actually heard a lot of people say that quite a few of the shades or dupes of those from MAC. I knew I wanted to try it, and after swatching it I have to say that the pigmentation is insane, with the rich and creamy formulation not being what I'd expect from a budget palette. If you'd like a more in-depth review of this palette, possibly including an autumnal eye look, then make sure you let me know!

PS Adhesive False Nails

I'll admit, I never make an effort to paint my nails, despite loving how they look once they're all finished, which is partially due to me never having the time and also because I'm not the best at painting my own nails. However, Primark sell a variety of adhesive false nails (?) that are very easy to apply and look like you've had a proper manicure. I personally find that the almond shape is really flattering and isn't too dramatic for daily wear, and since they launched a few neutral and autumnal colours, I knew that I had to pick them up.

The Private Collection Fragrances

I also couldn't resist and found myself picking up a couple of Primark's new fragrances, which have been hyped about non-stop online for being dupes of some of Jo Malone's most renowned scents. These spray bottles are only £3, making them ideal for testing out a couple of the fragrances before you commit to buying the larger bottles, and they're also the perfect purse size or for throwing in your school bag to top up throughout the day.

I chose the scents 'Pomegranate and Black Tea' and 'Mandarin and Basil', although they all smelt really nice when testing them in Primark, and they have a very unusual yet gorgeous scent that isn't what you normally get from a cheap perfume. After settling for a short while, they smell amazing and I honestly can't get enough of them, so these are highly recommended.

Wow, that was definitely a long Primark haul! In retrospect, I probably picked up too many items, but I just couldn't resist the gorgeous pieces that they had in store and I know that I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of all of them. These are definitely my fashion essentials for autumn, particularly when in college, but I'd love to know down in the comments what your must-have pieces are for this time of year.

Thank you very much for reading and I'll see you again next Sunday with a new post!

Love from Daisy x


  1. Those trainers are so cool ! I wish I had a Primark near where I live !

  2. Great haul! I especially love the blouse and the burgundy shoes. I can never find anything decent in my two local Primark stores, :-( I think it's about time I checked out a larger store but the closest is an hour away.
    Kim | chimmyville.co.uk