Summer Selfie-Ready Makeup: Rimmel London's Insta Collection Review

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rimmel London Insta Collection

Rimmel has recently launched their latest 'selfie-inspired' collection and I've seen it non-stop over social media ever since, which is very fitting as it's an Instagram themed launch aiming to make you selfie-ready. Instagram is huge at the moment, and 'Instagram makeup' has become the definition of flawless and perfected, although it may not always be entirely true to life due to being edited. Rimmel are taking this online phenomenon and transferring it into their new makeup collection, which they kindly sent me to try out. It aims to give you a flawless complexion and chiselled features without having to cheat it with Photoshop. I couldn't wait to try these products as soon as they landed on my doorstep, and I thought it was about time to share some more about them.

Rimmel London Insta Collection

Insta Conceal, Contour and Correct Palettes 

Rimmel London Insta Collection Conceal Contour Correct Palettes

The Insta Conceal and Contour Palettes are available in three shades, being light, medium and dark, meaning you'll definitely be able to find something that suits your skin tone. Each palette contains a concealing shade, highlighter and contour shade, making it ideal for travelling or on-the-go application containing all of your complexion essentials. It aims to camouflage the different tones and imperfections on your face and allow you to fully sculpt and contour your face, creating definition in the form of a naturally flawless look. I particularly love the creamy texture and opaque finish of these products, and their ease of blendability means they can be applied effortlessly.

Rimmel London Insta Collection Conceal Contour Correct Palettes

The Insta Conceal and Correct Palette is an exciting launch from Rimmel, as there aren't many correcting products on the market, particularly for an affordable price. I've never tried colour correcting before, but this palette is a handy little kit that contains the three essential shades, making it ideal for beginners to colour correcting like myself. The peach aims to neutralises dark circles, although this is quite pale and is more like a brightening concealing shade on my skin. The green covers redness on the skin, which I'll get a lot of use from as I'm prone to redness around my nose, cheeks and chin. The lilac shade is for cancelling out dullness, and this definitely intrigued me as I'd never seen a lilac corrector before. All of these are incredibly creamy in formula, and all that is required to blend them is lightly patting them into the target area with your finger.

Insta Duo Contour Sticks

Rimmel London Insta Collection Duo Contour Stick Light

Rimmel London Insta Collection Duo Contour Stick Medium

Rimmel London Insta Collection Duo Contour Stick Dark

The Insta Duo Contour Sticks are dual-ended sticks that aim to define and accentuate your facial features. The applicators are fairly narrow, shaped similarly to a lipstick, meaning you can be really precise with the application of the product. They come in three different shades: light, medium and dark, and so there'll definitely be something to suit your complexion. I personally found that there wasn't a great difference between the light and medium ones, both of which would work with my skin tone, although I wouldn't normally class myself as having a medium complexion.

Rimmel London Insta Collection Duo Contour Sticks Swatches Light Medium Dark

As you can tell from the swatches, these are intensely pigmented considering I only lightly applied them to my arm. The contour shades are all quite warm-toned, which doesn't create the most natural appearance of a shadow, but I like how this creates more of a bronzed, glowing look that's perfect for summer. You'll also be glad to hear that they apply very easily and are blendable, making them all-around great contour sticks to work with.

Rimmel London Insta Collection Powder Setting Spray

Insta Fix and Matte Powder

This is a translucent powder that controls your shine and mattifies your makeup, whilst still allowing some natural glow to show through. It's definitely a product that I've been needing, as I've found that my t-zone has looked a bit shiny recently and could use some powdering, and this is the ideal one for the job. I'd definitely deem this as a handbag essential, especially with the glorious weather that the UK has had recently, to ensure that you stay oil-free throughout the day. There's no pigment to this powder and it doesn't show up on the skin, which I like as coloured powders can sometimes be too heavy and make the skin appear cakey. It's honestly the perfect product for setting makeup, particularly under the eyes as it doesn't crease your makeup whilst still keeping it in place.

Insta Fix and Go 2 in 1 Primer and Setting Spray

This is a 2-in-1 priming and setting spray, meaning you can apply it underneath or on top of your makeup depending on your personal preferences. I love products like these for locking your makeup into place, especially if I'm wearing quite a lot of makeup for a party or show and want it to last. I definitely need to test the priming aspect of this product more, but it's great to see an affordable setting spray on the market from Rimmel.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed by this new launch and the quality of the products is definitely to be applauded. Although the whole premise may be more targeted towards a younger demographic, relying on the popularity of Instagram and hashtag culture, the products themselves are perfect for anyone looking to create a defined and contoured complexion with the appearance of flawless skin.

Thank you very much for reading this review and hopefully it's inspired you to try some of these products, which I'd definitely urge you to do. I'm actually going on holiday this week, but don't worry as I've scheduled blog posts for while I'm away, meaning I'll see you again next Sunday for a new post as usual.

Love from Daisy x


  1. This sounds like a great collection! Instagram makeup seems to have taken off, and this collection definitely shows that!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. The contour sticks sound nice !