The Skincare Routine That Saved My Skin From Spots

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blemishes are something that I've continually struggled with throughout my teenage years, and no matter how hard I try to treat them, they always seem to return. However, I've recently found that my skin is looking clearer than ever and I think I've finally discovered the secret to targeting my spots once and for all. This is definitely down to the use of a new spot cream, as well as a few other changes in my skincare routine, and so I definitely thought it was worth sharing these products with you to help anyone out there suffering from blemishes.

The Saviour - Acnecide Spot Cream

I've only been using the Acnecide Spot Cream for a couple of weeks so far yet I've instantly seen drastic improvements in my skin, with my complexion being almost entirely spot-free. This is no exaggeration - my spots have literally cleared up in a matter of days! The Acnecide cream contains 5% benzoyl peroxide, making it very strong and thus effective at treating spots.

I used to use a similar cream to this one a few years ago, which instead contained 10% benzoyl peroxide. Although it helped my spots tremendously, I always found that it was quite harsh and stung considerably when applying it, as well as drying out my skin. The benefit of using this spot cream by Acnecide is it's not as harsh or stripping on my skin, yet it still treats my spots to the same extent.

I've definitely been loving using this spot cream recently and I'll be continuing to use it as it's extremely helped my spots clear up. I've been using it in conjunction with various other skincare products, which I thought it'd be worth mentioning.

Other Helpful Products and Tips

The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is definitely my go-to product for washing my face, and I've actually just finished my tube as I've been using it so often. This is the perfect product for achieving a deep and thorough cleanse without being harsh or irritating on the skin. I found that when I started using this, my skin initially felt cleaner and free from any dirt or excess oils, meaning my spots were minimised. I've also loved using the Skin Repair Light Moisturiser, which was created with teenage skin in mind, meaning it's lightweight and non-greasy formula hydrates my skin without causing blemishes.

I've recently been using some of the T-Zone skincare products, which I was kindly sent to try. These are targeted towards teenage skin, particularly in removing blemishes, and so I knew that they'd be ideal for clearing my complexion. I've particularly loved using the Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub, which I've found to reduce the appearance of spots and blackheads quite a bit. I've been using this a couple of times a week and I'll definitely continue to do so. I've also been testing out the Charcoal Black Cleansing Wipes, which claim to draw out impurities from the skin. Although it's still early days with these, I've definitely been loving them so far and will have to report back in the future with my final verdict on whether they're worth it.

In order to fully ensure that my skin is clear, I've also made a habit to drink a lot more water than usual. On a daily basis, I definitely don't drink enough water and I started to feel dehydrated throughout the day, particularly in the warmer weather. As soon as I implemented this change, not only did I feel more refreshed but my skin definitely looked revitalised and renewed. I've also made a habit of tying my hair back when I sleep to ensure that any oils aren't being transferred onto my skin and causing me to gain spots during the night.

These are all of the steps I've gone through to clear up my skin, and I have to say that it's definitely been working. I'll definitely be continuing with this routine, but I'd love to know any more tips that you may have for clearing up blemishes, so make sure you let me know any useful advice down in the comments! Thanks for reading and I'll see you again next Sunday with another new blog post.

Love from Daisy x

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