Tips For Getting Out of a Reading Slump

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tips For Getting Out of a Reading Slump

I'm sure you've all been through a reading slump at some point. Your desire to read is still present, yet you haven't picked up a book in weeks. Those that you have tried just aren't working for you and end up neglected and lacking in love. You may only manage to pass a few sentences before your mind begins to wander and drift away, only to find yourself reading the exact same line fifteen minutes later. Any book that you start doesn't get finished and reading makes its way to the end of your priorities list. If any of the above sound familiar to you, then you'll understand the pain and struggle of going through a reading slump, particularly if you're an avid reader. In this post, I will aim to find ways to cure a reading slump and restore the joy in books, so hopefully some of these tips will be useful.

Pick Up an Old Favourite

If you're struggling to get into any books and aren't enjoying any of the titles you choose, why not pick a novel that you've previously read and loved? If it's one that you found addictive and enjoyable throughout, you may feel the same the second time around and therefore be persuaded to read. You may remember some of the bigger plot twists and surprises, but if it's a book you haven't read in a while then it's possible that your love for it could be rekindled. 

If you're not a fan of re-reading books, you could instead try picking up a sequel or another book by the same author, as that way you know that you enjoy their work and will hopefully feel the same way about the new book, thus propelling you back into regular reading.

Read a Book You Know You'll Love

If you choose a book that you know you'll like, hopefully you'll be more eager to try it and therefore get back into reading regularly. For example, if you never fail to enjoy a contemporary novel, start reading one in hope that it'll persuade you to read more. Another option is to choose a book by an author that you love, as the novel may grip you as much as their other titles. Additionally, if there's a blogger who never fails to disappoint you with their recommendations, see what they're suggesting as you may discover a book you never before considered but fall in love with it.
Audiobooks and Other Platforms

If you're eager to indulge into a new story yet it's the actual reading part that's stopping you, I'd consider trying a different platform. I'd recommend trying digital reading, whether that's on a phone, tablet or Kindle, as this small change may make a huge difference to your reading. You can alter the size of the text, change the font and even invert the pages to make reading in the dark more comfortable, so making this small change may cause reading to be easier for you and help to bring you out of the reading slump.

Another option if you're in a reading slump and are struggling with the actual reading, not the content of the book, is to try listening to an audiobook. If you're good at multitasking then you can soak in the plot whilst doing some housework or walking the dog, yet it's much easier than actually reading. However, if you get easily distracted or can't concentrate when listening to something, I wouldn't recommend this to you as you could end up listening for hours only to realise that you haven't taken anything in.

Read Positive Book Reviews

To get you in a reading frame of mind, try hearing what other people had to say about your book (without spoilers, of course). Hearing them praise a book and list its positive qualities may persuade you to read it, as you will have realised that it's actually a compelling and interesting read. Also, if you're a book blogger like myself, reading lots of reviews will definitely help to motivate you to read the book, as you don't want to miss out on the hype and would like to review it whilst it's still popular.

Ask For Recommendations

It's possible that the titles you're choosing aren't best suited to you and you can't seem to find the perfect fit. However, it's likely that a friend, family or even a librarian will have read a book that's up your street and may recommend it to you. You may realise that they know what types of books you like better than you do, as you find yourself loving something that they chose. Also, if they've read a book and absolutely loved it, hearing their recommendations may persuade you to read even more.

Try a Completely New Genre

A common cause of a reading slump is reading a lot of similar material and feeling as though everything is the same, with there being no point in reading ten almost identical books. I'd recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and choosing from a genre that you don't normally read. The different themes and ideas may be refreshing and provide the difference that you needed to persuade you to read. Also, by trying a new genre you may actually discover a new favourite and widen your reading horizons, so it's a win-win situation!

Schedule Time to Read

It may be hard for you to get into regular reading if you don't have time to do so in the day, so I'd advise you to schedule a specific time to read. Whether it's during your lunch break or before you go to sleep, you should establish a regular routine that involves reading. That way, you're more likely to stick to this schedule when a reading slump occurs and you'll be persuaded to read by a force of habit.

If you do make time in your day to read, make it a pleasant experience that you'll enjoy, as being uncomfortable or distracted will form negative associations with reading. You should be in a peaceful environment with no distracting background noise, and you should be as comfortable as possible (unless that means you'll fall asleep and thus can't read). It may also help to have a glass of water and a light snack to hand so that you can continue to read your book without being interrupted by hunger or thirst.

Read Short, Fast Paced Books

There's nothing better than a book that you can't put down and have to continue powering through until you find out what happens. It's these kinds of fast-paced books that will grab you and force you to continue reading, even with a reading slump on the horizon. If you feel like you're lacking in motivation to read then select a book that others have said is fast-paced, as chances are you will be gripped and unable to put it down.

An alternative is to choose shorter books, as that way you're likely to finish it quicker and feel accomplished that you read a book. This type of achievement will motivate you to read more and hopefully get you out of reading slump territory. If none of the books you want to read are particularly short, why not go down a different root and look for a novella or short story collection that sparks your interest.

These are all of my tips for getting out of a reading slump, but I'm sure everyone will have their own individual ideas and methods that work best for them. Why not share what you do in a reading slump down in the comments, as the advice may be useful for someone else.

Thanks for reading this post and I look forward to seeing you next Sunday with a new one. Just a heads up - next week's blog post will feature a giveaway so it's definitely something you want to look out for! I'll see you then!

Love from Daisy x


  1. Haha, thank you for sharing these cool tips! I used to read a lot (mostly when I was at the school haha) but now I read maybe a one book per two months and it' sad. So, this article will come in handy. :-) Anyway, are you reading something now?


    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you like them! I'll definitely be referencing this post as well in the future. And I've just started reading What Light by Jay Asher, are you reading anything? x