My September Goals - Blogging, College and Life

Sunday, September 04, 2016

It's officially September, meaning it's the start of a new month and subsequently the beginning of the school year. After a summer filled with fun and relaxation, now is the time to get my mind back into gear and heading towards my goals. Rather than continuing to venture towards my new year's resolutions, I thought it would be best to reassess where I'm at and make goals that are targeted to my specific aims over the next few months.


Have all of my blog posts scheduled in advanced - I'll admit, I can be very last minute when it comes to blog posts. Quite often, they'll be sat in my drafts written for weeks, if not months, but any photography and editing takes place the same day they're uploaded. In fact, sometimes I'll finish writing a post on a Sunday evening and upload it straight away, as I had nothing else finished. I definitely want to be more organised with blogging, and so I've decided that all of my posts will be written, photographed, edited and scheduled well in advanced. I've already put this one into motion and I've written all of my blog posts for September and October, which means that I'll definitely have posts going up every Sunday regardless of how busy I am or how little time I have.

Improve my post promotion - I'm terrible at promoting my blog posts, probably because I upload them of an evening and don't want to start posting to every single social media platform under the sun when I'm ready to go to bed. I would like to start scheduling my social media posts, particularly for Twitter, so that I don't have to worry about promoting my posts as soon as they're uploaded. I also want to use Instagram and Pinterest more actively, both to promote my content and show appreciation for others, as I love both of these websites and would like to use them more.

Vary my content more - I've definitely started to vary my content and mix up what I post on my blog, but I want to continue this. If you've been here for a long time, you'll remember back when my blog was solely dedicated to beauty, and now I like to also post about books and blogging. I definitely want to push myself to vary my blog posts even more during the rest of the year and venture into topics that I love yet haven't written about.


Stay on top of my notes - Sometimes you can fall into the trap of not producing any revision notes or resources throughout the year, only to have to create them all at once in a hurry. To remove this stress and make things much easier, I want to remember to do this slowly throughout the year, so that I'll make notes for a topic as I've just learnt it. This will ensure that it's fresh in my mind when making revision resources and by creating it earlier on, it'll also allow me to more efficiently recap information throughout the year.

Read around the class topics - It's often important to have a wide knowledge on subject matters to fully understand them, so I'm aiming to achieve this by reading around the topics independently. For English Literature in particular, I really want to read novels and plays from the same era and setting as my set texts, as this will provide me with contextual knowledge and help me to understand them more.

Step out of my comfort zone - Whether it's by becoming more social and talking to people I don't know, or by joining clubs and activities that I'm not used to, I really want to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone. College will give me a fresh start, and so I really want to take advantage of it and push myself to do things I wouldn't normally. I'm definitely going to try and make the most out of my college experience and urge myself to make the most out of opportunities present.


Look for a part-time job - I'm 16 and so can officially get a part-time job, so I'll be looking out for one in the next few months. It seems like a great way for me to gain experience, earn money and meet new people, and so I'm looking forward to taking on some responsibility and hopefully getting a part-time job in the near future.

Do more exercise and stretching - As summer came to a close, I started to feel extremely lazy and not active, so I really want to correct this and get back to exercising again. My dance classes will be starting again next weekend and I want to return to the gym for some yoga or pilates classes. I'd also like to get more exercise in my day-to-day life, whether that's by walking my dog or going to college on foot.

Read more often - I read some amazing books over the summer and it really pushed me to want to read more often than I currently do, so that is my goal. I love reading and it's one of my biggest hobbies, so I definitely should be making more time in my day for it, whether it's reading required books for college or just my own enjoyment. I also want to broaden my reading horizons and push myself to try new genres.

I'm hoping that my goals aren't too optimistic and can easily be achieved, as I'm definitely determined to make a change and take onboard all of those mentioned above. I'd love to know if you've set yourself any goals for the month of September, so if you have then make sure to tell me them in the comments section. Thank you very much for reading this post and I wish you good luck if you return to school or college tomorrow like myself.

Love from Daisy x


  1. Hi Daisy! My name's Lydia and have just discovered your blog! I loved this post- with a new school year, I feel making some goals is a good way to set the ball rolling! I agree with the blog schedule malarkey- only I always seem to write posts last! I think I just need to have a day where I generate loads of posts for the next few weeks! Great read :) Lydia Eve | xx

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading my post and I'm glad that you liked it! I agree that it's difficult to constantly create and upload content, so I've tried this suggestion and had a day dedicated to blogging which has worked so far. Thank you very much! xx