L'Oreal Cushion Foundation and Other New Releases

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I love new makeup products and this one was no exception, as I was eagerly awaiting this product to be launched in the UK. Cushion foundations have been released by many high-end brands over the past couple of months and I couldn't wait to see a drugstore version land in the UK. L'Oreal were the first to jump on this trend and I knew that I had to get it and review it as soon as possible. I thought I'd also include some of their other new releases in with this post, so I hope you like hearing what L'Oreal has in store for you makeup-wise!

Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

This product is essentially a compact containing a sponge drenched in liquid foundation, which is a concept that many beauty brands have tried out and L’Oréal have been quick to jump on the bandwagon. It comes in seven different shades, but the names of these aren’t actually on the packaging but a removable sticker, so you may forget which one you have after using it for a while. This foundation is also enriched with SPF 25, making it particularly great for summer when you need to protect your skin. 

The packaging of this product is really cute and I love the purple metallic casing, which matches the rest of L’Oréal’s nude magique range. The compact itself isn’t too large, meaning it’s great for tossing into your handbag for on-the-go applications. There is also a reasonably sized mirror, which adds to the travel-friendly aspect of this foundation cushion.

This foundation definitely provides a sheer coverage, so it’s perfect for if you want a lightweight formula that gives a skin-like finish. It’s definitely glowing and dewy on the skin, so you may consider using a powder if you have oily skin. You can definitely build up this foundation to achieve more coverage, but I feel as though it won’t be enough if you have a lot of redness or blemishes to cover. Blendability isn’t an issue with this product and I feel as though you can easily manipulate it on your skin, and it also blends really seamlessly to a point where it’s hard to tell that you even have product on your skin.

My only criticism with this product is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of foundation inside it, and so it probably doesn’t last as long as a bottle of foundation. Also, the lid doesn’t always close properly, which can cause it to dry up much sooner than expected and make it much harder to get a decent amount of foundation onto your brush, so I’d definitely be careful when closing it.

If you want to buy this product from Boots, you can do so by clicking here.

Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil

Alongside the launch of the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation was this product, which is the same in appearance and design, but is instead a bronzer. Since they both have very similar formulas, these products are very complimentary to one another and look lovely when worn together, although using them separately also creates a gorgeous look. I find that this bronzer is ideal for adding warmth to the skin and enhancing your tan, making it perfect for when you return from holiday and your bronzed skin starts to fade.

The packaging of this product, like the foundation, is very travel-friendly and functional, with different layers for holding the applicator sponge and actual foundation. This means that no extra brushes or mirrors are needed, and just this one small product can be used to easily apply your bronzer. I especially like the bronze and copper shades of the packaging, making it perfect for the summer and it’s initially clear that this product is a bronzer.

The liquid feel that this bronzer has makes it really easy to apply and control. It glides onto the skin with ease and has an even finish, being not at all patchy or difficult to blend in places. With this product, it’s easy to control how much product you get on your brush, depending on how many times you tap the sponge, meaning you can decide whether you want a subtle glow or a full-on bronzed look. After buffing it out, this bronzer looks beautiful on the skin and it’s warm tone definitely makes it appear like you’re actually tanned.

Click this link to purchase this product from Boots!

Nude Magique BB Cream

This product isn’t technically a new launch, but it has been repackaged and with that, a new formula has also been brought into place. This is definitely a unique product, as it contains micro-pigments that adapt and so the BB cream will adjust to your skin tone. It starts as a white cream but quickly changes colour upon blending, which is crazy as it seems to perfectly match your skin.

This BB cream boasts its 5 in 1 formula, which includes providing a flawless yet light coverage, enhancing your complexion, hydrating your skin throughout the day, evening your skin tone and providing SPF 12. These are definitely some large claims and it’ll be interesting to see how true they are as I test this product some more. I definitely want to use this BB cream more before I give you some more in-depth thoughts, but so far I’m impressed with it.

If you want to buy this product, then simply click the link here.

As you can see from the swatches above, all of the products have an intense amount of pigmentation, but they also blend really well, meaning it's easy to create a personalised look.

I'd highly advise you buy these products, and there's actually a 3 for 2 offer on all L'Oreal products happening right now at Boots. Why not buy these three items and let me know what you think of them? Links to each individual product are above.

I really enjoyed giving you my thoughts and first impressions on these products, but I want to know what you thought of them! I'd love to hear what you had to say down in the comments, as it'd definitely be interesting to see if you found these products any different than I did. Thank you very much for reading this post and I'll be back as usual next Sunday with a new one, so I'll see you then!

Love from Daisy x

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