L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Collection Review

Monday, June 06, 2016

This collection is a brand new launch from L'Oreal Paris, being specifically formulated for people who suffer from oily roots yet dry ends in their hair. It's widely believed that washing your hair regularly can strip the ends of any moisture and leave them feeling dry, yet at the same time oil produced by the scalp can build up and make the hair look greasy and lifeless. This new range of products aims to combat both of these issues, so I've been testing them out for the past few weeks to see how they work, and I thought you'd like to hear all of my thoughts.

These products contain different clays, which are unusual ingredients for hair care products yet this may be a revelation that other brands will join in with. Three different clays are included within these products: white clay that purifies the roots, blue clay that hydrates the ends and green clay that revitalises the entire hair. These products are also silicon-free, so the amazing ingredients list initially suggests that they'll be beneficial for the hair. I've been trying out three different products in this collection: the shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo, so I'll be basing all of my opinions on these.

Before I go into more detailed reviews about each product, I thought I'd add a quick note about the packaging. The sturdy plastic is the same as the rest of the L'Oreal haircare products, but instead they're in a vibrant turquoise blue shade that is really pretty. This makes them seem perfect for spring and summer and I just generally like the vibe of them.

I was really eager to try this shampoo and I was hoping for an outstanding outcome, yet my thoughts on it are mixed. The consistency is ideal for a shampoo, being not too dry or watery, and it also lathers really well, leaving my hair feeling cleansed and free from any dirt. Like all of the L'Oreal shampoos, I find that my hair feels like it's been thoroughly washed after use. My hair reverted back to having greasy roots after a day or two, going against the 72-hour claims, but I was expecting this and knew that it would pretty much take a miracle to completely eliminate excess oils from my hair for that length of time. As for the inclusion of clay in this product, I can honestly say that I haven't noticed a huge difference between using this shampoo and any other one, and regardless of the ingredients, I feel as though the outcome is quite similar for any product I use. Although this was an initial disappointment, I understand that the claims made in this line are extensive and my hair may just not be suited to it, but that doesn't mean that it won't work for others. Also, I feel as though shampoos are something that you have to consistently use for quite a while to see the full effect, so my judgement now could be completely different after a few months of usage.

As with many of the L'Oreal conditioners, I find that my hair is left feeling super silky and smooth. It's never a struggle to get a comb through my hair afterwards and it helps to keep the tangling at bay, which is a major problem that those of you with long hair will also relate to. However, I find that there's nothing particularly special about this conditioner and it works just as well as many others that I've tried. I definitely enjoyed using it and my hair felt nice, with the ends not at all feeling dry, yet I feel as though this can be achieved with other products. However, one thing that I did notice is that my hair tends to retain its silkiness for longer after using this conditioner and it has more of a long-lasting effect on my hair, which is a huge bonus.

The dry shampoo was probably the product that I was most excited to try, as I can almost instantly tell if one works well for my hair or not, so I wanted to see how it performed and whether it measured up to my other favourites. I really like how it doesn't have a colour, unlike some which have a white powdery finish, as this means that it looks more discrete and is easy to blend into your hair. I find that it is great at absorbing and eliminating grease for a day or two after washing your hair, maintaining the freshly washed appearance. However, I feel as though it isn't quite strong enough when your hair is extremely greasy and if you go a long time in between washing your hair, this may not be the product for you. So to summarise, I think this dry shampoo is perfect for freshening up your hair when excess oils are at a minimum, but you may need to invest in something more heavy-duty for when your hair is greasier.

I hope you liked hearing about my thoughts on this collection and if you've tried it, I'd love to hear all of your opinions, so make sure you leave them down in the comments. Thanks for reading this post and I'll see you next weekend with another one!

Love from Daisy x

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