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Sunday, March 13, 2016

When I was thinking about what to post today, I realised that it's been a long time since I last did a monthly favourites post. Although I often have quite a few things to mention, there's never enough to fill a whole post, so I usually don't write them. However, I have quite a lot of beauty products, books and othe random favourites that I've been loving for the duration of this winter, so I thought you'd like to hear what they are!


My first beauty favourite is the Too Faced Love Flush Blusher in the shade 'Love Hangover', which I've been using virtually everyday this winter. It's a medium-toned rosy pink colour that is perfect for creating a look that isn't too bold yet still noticeable. It's incredibly pigmented but it still blends out really nicely. I've especially admired how the powder feels creamy and soft to apply and I've loved using this product over the past few months.

My next favourite beauty product is also from Too Faced, which really shows how much I've been loving their makeup at the moment. The Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette has been raved about by beauty bloggers and Youtubers, and after trying it I 100% agree with the hype. Each eyeshadow is fine-milled and incredibly creamy, applying with a great amount of pigment. All of the colours are beautiful and I've definitely enjoyed experimenting with these beautiful eyeshadows.

After being sent the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette, I've been using it quite a lot and really loving it! Although all of the powders are delightful, my favourite has been the banana powder, which has is perfect for setting under-eye concealer. I find that this helps to maintain my makeup and it lasts all day without creasing when I use this. I also love the assortment of bronzers and find that they're perfect for adding some warmth to my skin.

With winter comes dry lips and so I've been on the hunt for the perfect lipbalm that helps to ease the flakiness. I've returned to an old favourite of mine, which is an Eos Lipbalm, but this winter I've really been enjoying the mint one. I find that these lip balms are some of the best at soothing my lips and making them feel softer, so I've definitely been using this product a lot over the past few months.


My favourite books this winter have been Cassandra Clare books in general, particularly Clockwork Prince. As she's hands down my favourite author, I look forward to reading her books and this one definitely lived up to my expectations - maybe even being one of my favourites. For those of you who don't know, this book, which is the second in the Infernal Devices series, is set in Victorian London. Like Cassandra's other books, it revolves around shadowhunters and many other mytical creatures, such as demons, werewolves, vampires and warlocks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it definitely left me surprised in many places. I also love how we got to know the characters more and I felt as though I really connected with them in this novel.

Over the past few months, I've been drinking a lot of herbal teas, which is something I thought I wouldn't like but I actually have! I've enjoyed having these throughout the winter and it has been fun to experiment with some new flavours. Growing up, I hated the taste of green tea and hadn't tried any other flavours, but over the past few months I've been drinking them almost every night. Some of my favourites have been green tea with jasmine, and berry, but I've also got some others that I want to try, such as lemon and ginger or raspberry and echinacea.

One of my new year's resolutions for 2016 was to have a healthier lifestyle, and I've started working towards this by doing yoga. This is something that I've always wanted to do but never got around to it, that is until this year. Yoga is great for targeting many different areas, whether it's flexibility, strength or relaxation. I've been thoroughly enjoyed this new hobby and I've definitely seen some benefits, even after doing it for only a few months.

I hope you liked hearing about some of my current favourites and if you want more posts similar to this then make sure to let me know, as I'd be more than happy to do them for you. Thanks for reading and I'll see you next Sunday with a new blog post!

Love from Daisy x


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    1. Both Too Faced products featured are amazing and are definitely worth trying out! x