My Favourite Nude Budget Lip Combination

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

As of recently, I’ve been embracing nude lipsticks and I've really enjoying wearing them on a regular basis. A more subtle lip like this is a nice change from my usual looks and it's incredibly versatile, looking nice with any makeup, particularly a statement eye. There are three products which I’ve been using to create this look, all of which are budget friendly and have been firm staples in my makeup bag for quite some time. I thought that it might be interesting to share my thoughts on these, especially since they create a gorgeous nude lip that has been my go-to look.

I started by lining my lips using the MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in the shade Caramel Nougat, which is a product that I haven’t featured on my blog much but I really love it. The colour is a natural nude colour that is similar to my lip colour, meaning you could wear it alone for a very natural look. It provides a perfect neutral base for any lip product that I want to apply and I find that it adds a bit of darkness to my lips, since the lipstick that I used is quite pale. I’ve been using this lip liner a lot recently, since it applies really nicely and is creamy and pigmented whilst still being incredibly long lasting. I honestly think that this is great value for money, especially since you can purchase it for only £1.

Next, I applied the lipstick, which was the Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick in the shade The One, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying lately. It’s a lovely pinkish nude colour that is really natural but looks lovely when applied. It’s quite matte and does tend to cling to dry patches in places, but I find this to be manageable if you apply some lip balm beforehand. I really like this lipstick as it’s long-lasting, pigmented without being over-the-top, and it even smells delicious. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this bargain, and you definitely can’t turn it down for £1.

Finally, I completed this lip look by adding some lipgloss. I prefer to wear something with a gloss or sheen on my lips on a day-to-day basis, as it’s more comfortable and adds extra interest to the lip look. The one that I used for this look was the Miss Sporty Miss Cocktail Lipgloss in the shade Jacuzzi Break, which is a really lovely product for £1.99. It makes my lips look slightly plumper, adds a gorgeous glossy texture without feeling sticky and it's mostly clear, meaning you can wear it over any lipstick. I've definitely been getting good use out of this product, and I'd definitely recommend trying it if you haven't already.

I hope you liked seeing what my go-to products are for a neutral lip and it's amazing how you only have to spend £3.99 to create it. I'd love to know what your budget makeup recommendations are, so make sure you let me know down in the comments. Thanks for reading and I'll be back on Sunday with a new post!

Love from Daisy x

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