Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If you're thinking about starting a blog, or are maybe new to the blogging community, there's quite a lot of advice which I could give you. After being a blogger for almost two years now, I've acquired quite a lot of knowledge on the topic and know of the mistakes that people often make when they first start out. Today, I thought I'd help you by sharing my most important pieces of advice for those of you who are starting to blog.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that blogging will be something you can do if you have a spare 5 minutes, as it takes a lot of time and dedication. Writing posts can be time-consuming, getting the right angles and lighting for photos can be tedious and you have to invest a lot of time for promoting your content, replying to emails, answering comments and many other blog-related tasks. All of this time definitely adds up, and can often be too hard to manage if you have a job or school work that is more important. I'd recommend posting less frequently when you start your blog so that you will have a bit more free time and you can always add more posts to your schedule depending on how you're handling it.

It doesn't matter if blogging about fashion is the latest craze, or everyone is obsessed with food blogs at the moment; if you're not interested in these things then it's not worth blogging about them. Not only will blogging seem boring and become a chore, your readers will start to tell that you're not enthused by what you're writing about. You want to put some of your own personality into your posts, and the best way to do that it share things that you like and are genuinely interested in. With that, you will find the right audience that appreciate your posts and you won't feel like you have to become someone you're not to gain recognition.

No one's going to mind if you don't stick to your blogging schedule and miss out a post or two. When I started blogging, I even took a break for a couple of months to focus on school and my blog didn't greatly suffer. If you don't think you have the time to post or don't know what to write about, don't force it. I always tell myself that I'd rather my blog only have a few posts that are all informative, inventful and of a great quality than lots of posts that are dull, not creative and lacking in enthusiasm. If you think that writing a post on time is going to be a struggle or you know that you need a long time preparing to ensure that your posts are the best possible, prepare some in advance so you'll always have a backup at the ready.

At the end of the day, it's your blog and you should be proud of it, regardless of what other people might think. A lot of people might not understand blogging or how much hard work it can be, so don't let it get to you if people doubt your blog. You should always strive to achieve your best from your blog and create something that you are genuinely pleased with, even if that means that other people will disagree. There can be some really mean and unsupportive people in the world, both online and offline, but with that you'll find lots of people who love your blog and appreciate all that you do for it.

These are just a few of the many things that I wish I knew when I started blogging, but I'm pretty sure there are many others. What do you wish you knew when you started your blog? I'd love to know, so make sure you let me know down in the comments.

Love from Daisy x

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