Ask Daisy #7 - Followers Goal and Favourite Blog

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If you could only keep one makeup item from your current collection what would it be and why?
I thought about this question quite a lot and decided that it would be the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. First of all, it's such a beautiful palette that I always look forward to wearing and it is definitely unique compared to my other eyeshadow palettes. Also, this was my first high-end palette and one that I wanted for a long time, so it holds a special place in my heart. A lot of my other makeup items are drugstore and are therefore cheaper, so it wouldn't be as bad repurchasing them.

How many hours a week do you spend doing blog-related tasks (writing posts, photography, promotion etc)?
This can vary quite a lot, as one week I might do a lot of blogging and the next might only be a couple of hours. On average, I'd say that I spend 1-5 hours on each post that I write, which includes research, writing it, editing it and photographing it, but this depends on what type of post it is. I also do promotion and share my blog with other people, as well as admin like tracking my statistics and replying to emails, so you can see that the hours add up.

What's your favourite and least favourite thing about the blogging community?
My favourite thing is how kind and supportive everyone is. I know that there can be negative feedback and cruel people, but I can honestly say that all of the people I've spoken to either about my blog or theirs have been lovely, honest people that are really easy to talk to. My least favourite thing is when bloggers can become competitive and selfish, being mean to other people so that it makes their blog seem better.

What was your goal number of followers when you started blogging?
I honestly didn't have a target number of followers when I started my blog, as I was convinced that no-one would read it. It was more just for my personal use, but if I gained followers from it then that was fine. After blogging for about a year and getting to grips with social media and platforms like Bloglovin, I realised that Daisies and Delights might have some potential, so I set myself the goal of getting 100 followers. This seemed close to impossible and I was thrilled when I surpassed it. Now, I'm not really thinking about followers and I'll just let fate decide whether I get more or less.

If you could only read one blog and no others forever, which blog would it be?
This question is virtually impossible for me to answer since there are so many blogs that I love reading and couldn't go without checking. I did write a post sharing my Current Favourite Blogs, so it's likely that it would be one of those, but the problem is that my favourite blogs change all of the time. As a blogger myself, I love seeing and sharing other people's work, so having only one blog to read would be incredibly hard.

As we're over half way through the year, what has been your favourite blog-related moment of 2015 so far?
I've had some amazing moments and great times due to blogging this year, but the one that stands out in my head is receiving the Burberry Kisses Lipstick to review. Not only was it my first time trying the brand, but it was a huge honour to be sent the product. I'd never been sent anything to review before, so this was a fabulous place to start and I was completely amazed by the lipstick. It's a lovely product to use and I'm incredibly proud of my review of it, so that is definitely a moment that stands out.

I hope you liked this post and I'd love to answer any of your questions for future posts, so make sure you leave them down in the comments below. Thanks for reading this post and I guess I'll see you in my next one!

Love from Daisy x