Bourjois Cream Blush Review

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello, everyone! I thought I'd bring you another product review today since I really enjoy writing them and there are plenty of makeup items that I own to write about. Today, it is all about the Bourjois Cream Blushers, particularly in the shade 'rose tender'. This was by far my favourite cheek product when I started blogging and I used it on a daily basis, so I was shocked that I hadn't reviewed it fully. Enough with the rambling, let's get on with the post!

Bourjois are extremely well-known for their cute and classic powder blushers, but I often feel like their beautiful cream blushers don't receive enough recognition or praise. They feature once innovative cream-to-powder technology that is relatively new to makeup, but has proved to be effective. Each pot contains 2.5g's of the product, which might not seem like a lot but it lasts forever in my opinion.

These blushers, much like the infamous powder blushers from Bourjois, are presented within circular, plastic packaging  that I find is really compact but still sturdy. The size makes them perfect for keeping in your makeup bag or for travel and the magnetic closure is both satisfying and ensures that the product is secure within. A mirror is included, which is quite small but is still helpful for touching up your blusher on-the-go. Each compact is colour coordinated to match the shade inside, making the packaging appear sleek, fresh and eye catching.

The range consists of 6 different shades, each one suited to a different skin tone. As I mentioned above, I own this blusher in the shade 'rose tender' which is a cool-toned, dusky pink shade almost the same as my natural blush colour. It has a pearly finish and a nice luminosity, which is partially due to the fine silver flecks it contains, creating a beautiful sheen.

There are a few interesting ingredients that enhance this product, which are new to cream blushers. They are items such as poppy extracts that provide a second-skin, comforting feel, mango butter extracts that leave your skin feeling really soft and apricot extracts that enhance your healthy glow, all of which I feel are effective and work as an advantage to the product.

This product is foolproof and incredibly easy to apply, with a little amount of product going a long way. It has a nice creamy feel to it, which, upon application, instantly turns into a fine powdery finish, that is smooth and even. It isn't at all sticky and sets to a silky, semi-matte finish on the skin. It really melts into the skin and feels luxurious, without being harsh or feeling separated on the surface.

This blusher is an absolute beauty on the skin, especially when it hits the light, as the shimmer gives it a highlighted effect. It looks incredibly glowy and healthy on the skin, yet still being a natural blusher that isn't too bold. It provides a subtle yet gorgeous glow that lasts all day long on the skin, along with quite a dewy appearance.

Like many blushers, this cheek product is quite pigmented, but not too intense, which I find is a good thing for beginners or people wanting a subtle flush. You can build up the colour slowly on your cheeks without going overboard, but can definitely achieve a bolder, more vibrant colour. The blendability is amazing and it effortlessly sinks into the skin, so you can easily erase any mistakes and accidents that you make, another reason why I'd call this a foolproof product.

This product is really long-lasting, which is probably due to the cream-to-powder formula offering great longevity, yet still giving a flattering, skin-like finish once applied. I find that it can last almost all day, some people even claiming it stays put for 8-10 hours, but it does tend to fade slightly, leaving a more natural flush on the cheeks. It has an amazing hold to the skin and great staying power, so touch-ups probably won't be necessary.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this product, especially as it has earned the accolade of one of my favourite cheek products. At £7.99, it's definitely worth trying out this versatile and extremely useful product that comes in a selection of different shades. It gives a gorgeous, radiant glow to the skin and provides a quick injection of colour and life back into the skin, which is ideal, as well as lasting for ages.

Love from Daisy x

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