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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One of the main struggles that a blogger can face is not knowing what to upload. It can often be really hard to think of creative and innovative ideas for posts, or simply get the inspiration to write something. Today, I thought I'd give you a few ideas and prompts that you could use for your blog. This post is more targeted towards beauty bloggers, but if you'd like some post ideas for non-beauty bloggers then I'd be happy to do that.

A Brand Focus
This could be a stand-alone post on your blog or a new series, depending on how many different makeup brands you own products from. This is a great way to share your recommendations and disliked products from a certain brand and can be really insightful for someone looking to try some new products. 

Product Empties
This is an easy way to show which products have been staples over the past few months and what you love using. Make sure you save up any makeup, skincare and haircare products that you've finished ready for this post. Do you want to repurchase them again or are you glad that they're finally finished?

Makeup Tutorial
Is there one look that you've been recreating for weeks on end or did you try something new with your makeup recently? Either way, why not show everyone else it? This is an easy way for your readers to see what products look like when they've been applied and there are definitely a lot of possibilities for these posts.

A Haul Post
The chances are, you've been shopping recently and picked up a few items, whether that's new discoveries or old favourites that you repurchased. Sharing these on your blog is a great way to show what is currently in the shops, and you could maybe include a first impression of some of the products.

Makeup Dupes
Everyone loves finding dupes, especially when they're for more expensive products. There are some obvious ones that everyone knows about, but if you have a new dupe discovery then make sure to blog about it. A lot of people will be interested, especially if it means saving a bit of money.

Disappointing Products
If you're a beauty blogger, it's guaranteed that you've tried a few products that you just don't get on well with or find it difficult to like. Instead of getting rid of them, share it with your readers! This is a different but still enjoyable way to find out which products aren't worth buying and can be really helpful for people unsure about spending money on something.

Celebrity Makeup Look
Why not try recreating a look that a celebrity has recently worn? You can also go a bit further by finding out what products that celebrity actually uses and including them in the tutorial. This can be a bit harder to put together than the other posts, but is definitely worth it when you have the finished look and a great blog post to go alongside it.

Skincare Routine
Share with your readers the products that you use in the morning or evening. Give a lot of information, like what skin type they are suitable for, whether they work as well as other products, how they feel on your skin and whether you'd recommend them. You could even do this as a series of posts, either about different skincare brands or for different skin types.

Try and put a bit more effort into styling your hair and be creative, coming up with a new style. Share it with your audience, specifying whether it's suitable for short hair, second-day hair, school or any other events.

Of the Day Posts
Whether it's your outfit of the day, makeup of the day or even nails of the day, make sure you share it on your blog, including where everything is from. This is a quick yet really nice way of showing how to style certain items or wear specific beauty products, and are especially effective around Christmas and Halloween when you can make them more themed.

I hope you liked this post and that you now have some post ideas. Thank you for reading this and I'll see you on Sunday with a new post.

Love from Daisy x


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    1. Thank you! They're one of my favourite posts as well, definitely look out for them on blogs! xx