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Sunday, June 01, 2014

I had a whole May Favourites post planned for today, which was written, photographed and edited. I was about to post it but something just felt off. It didn't seem like one of my usual posts, it was just repetitive and dull. All of the opinions seemed forced and overall I wasn't happy with it. Rather than just not posting at all, I thought I'd just write a catch up post for you guys. Often I'm just posting about fashion and beauty, so you never really get to see what I'm up to outside of that. If this isn't the post you wanted, there will be 3 posts next week for you. On Tuesday, I'll have another interview with a beauty blogger, Thursday is a room tour post and Sunday is a makeup tutorial!

The first thing that happened this week is I went shopping! My mum and grandma agreed to take me, my brother and best friend Maia into Liverpool, so we could go off on our own and do some shopping. Where we live, we don't have a great deal of shops and they don't have much stuff in, so Liverpool is probably the best place to shop. Obviously we spent our day browsing in numerous fashion shops and Superdrug. I had such a great day.

Another thing which happened this week is I (finally) got a copy of City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. I am a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments series, so I obviously had to get the final book. My mum ordered it off the internet for me and I was over the moon when it arrived. Let me just say, it's over 700 pages and absolutely massive. Once I've finished it, which may be any time in the next few weeks, I'll post a review and plenty of pictures for you guys.

I went to the cinema with my family this week and we decided to watch Godzilla. Honestly, I wasn't really looking forward to this as it isn't my type of film. After watching it, my opinion had completely changed. The film was so good! I don't want to say too much about what happens in case you're planning on watching it, so all I'll say is if you get the chance to, please watch it. I never thought I'd like it but I was completely wrong.

This week, I had a meeting at the library which only lasted for about an hour or so. This was to plan the days I can come into the library and to give me a tour of the staff room, offices and stuff like that. I don't think I've mentioned it yet but I'm volunteering at my local library this summer and I start next week. All of the libraries in my area (and possibly the whole country) have a summer reading challenge set up for kids age 2-11. I'll be recommending books to the children, helping them read, putting up displays, setting up and carrying out craft events and many more things. I'll also be putting together sort of a piece of coursework, which will be graded and if I pass I will be awarded with a Bronze Arts Award. It's a great opportunity and I'm really looking forward to helping out.

The last exciting thing I did this week was go to Lipa! I've mentioned it quite a lot as I go there every week, but if you are new to my blog then Lipa is a part time performing arts academy. We have a show coming up in July so a lot of rehearsing has taken place. So far, everything is going really well and all of the pieces are finished and ready to be polished. This Saturday consisted of stretching and finishing our routines in dance, working with microphones and recording some of our solos in singing, videoing all of our musical theatre pieces in drama and working on the choreography for a routine in advanced dance. I had such a good but tiring time and it was great to be with all of my friends there.

So that was my week summed up! Again, I'm really sorry I don't have a proper post for you today but stay tuned for this week when there will be many more, and maybe some extra posts if you're lucky! Stay safe and have a great week.

Love from Daisy x

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  1. I think I need to see Godzilla now, everyone says it's good! I go to a performing arts school as well, good luck with your show!

    Love Jaimie xo