Musical Theatre Exam- Matilda the Musical

Saturday, March 15, 2014

First of all, this post won't be about beauty, fashion or skincare in any way. If you are waiting for my newest blog post, I will be uploading my beauty wishlist tomorrow.

Today, Saturday 15th March, was the day I done my first ever musical theatre exam. Sure, I've done performance exams before in the specific principles, but never an all-round performing one. Me and the girls in my age-group had to prepare 2 scenes, 3 songs and dances to go with each one. It was really hard as we weren't allowed much input from the teachers, as in the exam we were asked why we staged scenes in certain ways. It was also really hard to sing well while dancing full-out. Here's how it went:

We started by introducing our characters and answering questions about the piece. This bit was quite easy as it was stuff we already knew and had studied when researching our characters and the pieces.

Next was Smell of Rebellion, which was performed by the Truchbull and the rest of us done some movement. This was really fun and was a great way to start.

After this we done the scene before Quiet and then the song with the same name. The scene went as planned, but stupidly I went to the wrong side and had to change some of my staging. Oops!

The Quiet song went really well, we all remembered the choreography. I sang the last bit as a solo and I managed to belt my notes (I struggled with in the rehearsals) and I stayed in tune!

We then done the Bruce scene which was really good and flowing, having lots of energy and enthusiasm. It really was amazing.

To finish it all of was the Bruce dance and song, which was phenomenal. We were all excellent in this and our teachers were overly impressed with our ability to dance while singing. It went great, I think this piece was the one that blew away the examiner!

All went well, the examiner only asked us a few more questions such as did we enjoy it and how long we'd been rehearsing for. Oh, and I left my hoodie in the examination room, which was stupid of me. Apart from that and a few slip ups it went great and we all performed to the best of our ability!

Thanks for reading, sorry about this being an unrelated post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! 

Love from Daisy x

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